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What we offer?

FanPERSONA is an interactive mobile app. A strategic marketing tool, it builds a mutually beneficial relationship for customers and merchants by connecting them through the patent pending proximity algorithm to push information on new menu items, best deals on food and more! It’s a personalized interaction of the brand with the customers on-the-go.

  • FanPERSONA enhances your sales and marketing efforts by selling your product to the customer base that’s around the corner.
  • Direct customer access allows strategic marketing
  • The right deals help build an empowered customer base
  • Promotions of new menu items to wider audience made easy
  • Collection of critical customer data for your convenience
  • Distribute special offers and promotions to keep your customers happy.
  • FanPERSONA to push rich content to consumers based on their location.
  • We can custom develop mobile app on our patent pending technology platform

What is FanPERSONA?

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